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A tip of the cap to Ebbets Field Flannels!

I’ve written before about the amazing firm making vintage sports caps and apparel in Seattle, Ebbets Field Flannels.  Well, right now Jerry Cohen has a great deal going on his vintage baseball caps.  His “Ballcap Mystery Grab Bag” special gets … Continue reading

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I admit it, I’m a scaredy cat!

For the last few years, I thought I should open a shop in Seattle that would sell nothing but consumer goods made in America.  I would sell tools, boots, clothing, cookware, dog toys, you name it, all made by members … Continue reading

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Celebrate your local makers!

The folks pictured above work at Seattle’s best bike shop, R&E Cycles.  Dan Towle has owned Rodriguez Bicycles (R+E Cycles) since 1993.  Dan and his crew have been making amazing bikes on the “Ave” in Seattle for decades.  I thought of Dan … Continue reading

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Ding Ding

I have somewhat of a love hate relationship with bikers in Seattle.  I think it’s great that people bike for exercise or to commute to work.  Any method of getting cars off the road during the daily commute should be … Continue reading

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Nice work Frenchie!

I am an adequate cook.  My son Ben is one of those annoying people who can throw together all sorts of ingredients with no real recipe and produce delicious food.  Da nerve!  Anyway, cooking is a big deal here in Seattle and … Continue reading

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Soon you’ll need these!

Sure, it was nearly eighty in Minnesota today.  But give it a couple of months and those temperatures will be a distant memory.  Instead, our sisters and brothers in the Twin Cities will be dealing with mountains of snow.  Even here … Continue reading

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Low hanging fruit

Growing up, my family was never big on pies.  My mum was not much of a baker.  But when I got married, I married into a pie family.  The Bernoskis love pies, especially apple pies.  Apples are a big deal … Continue reading

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