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Celebrate your local makers!

The folks pictured above work at Seattle’s best bike shop, R&E Cycles.  Dan Towle has owned Rodriguez Bicycles (R+E Cycles) since 1993.  Dan and his crew have been making amazing bikes on the “Ave” in Seattle for decades.  I thought of Dan … Continue reading

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For your reading displeasure

I read two great articles in the New York Times the day before yesterday that both have to do with my fascination with outsourcing and globalization.  The first discussed the dire environmental degradation of the soil in the Middle Kingdom … Continue reading

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Two articles not to be missed

I am constantly reading up on all things made in America, and wanted to let you know about two articles on reshoring that are really worth reading.  The first was in the Chicago Tribune last week, and dealt with Wal-Mart’s … Continue reading

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Reality check

One of my favorite Monty Python skits involved the Royal Society For Putting Things on top of other Things.  During the skit, John Cleese explains that his chapter of the Society has not put one thing on top of another thing in the … Continue reading

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It’s the Chinese this time, not the British

What are American manufacturing jobs worth? What should be done to keep them in this country? What can  we do to keep them in this country? I came across an interesting article in the New York Times about Revere Copper Products the other day.  … Continue reading

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It reads a bit like a murder mystery.

I came across a couple of interesting blog posts written by an American manufacturer of furniture.  Paul Downs makes furniture in Philadelphia, and was contacted by a German furniture maker who wanted Mr. Downs to make some of their furniture in … Continue reading

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You don’t say!

As I told you a while back, Apple hired the Fair Labor Association to carry out investigations to ensure that their contractor Foxconn runs their plants in a safe and ethical manner.  The Fair Labor Association (FLA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending sweatshop … Continue reading

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