A shameless plea for your support

As you may know if you have read the about page of my blog, I am finishing up writing a book titled “Simply American, Putting Our Extended American Family Back To Work.”  In the book, I feature seventeen American firms manufacturing wonderful consumer goods that all of us can purchase.  I have done posts on many of these firms; Karen Kane, Wigwam Mills, Hart Schaffner Marx, Tom Bihn and many others.  I have already interviewed the CEOs of all these firms on the phone, but I’ve decided that I have to actually visit these firm’s factories for the following reasons.  First, I want to interview in person the members of our extended American family that are making the wonderful consumer goods we can all purchase.  Second, I want to visit the communities these firms are located in to learn more about the role these firms play in the lives of these communities.  And finally, I want to learn more about manufacturing processes so I can write more knowledgeably about them in my book.

I am planning four trips in the coming months to accomplish the tasks I set forth above.  I will visit firms in Illinois and Wisconsin on my first trip, firms in New York and Massachusetts on my second trip, firms in Georgia and South Carolina on my third trip and firms in California on my final trip.  In order to try to fund these trips, I have created a program at kickstarter.com.  If you click on this link, you will be brought to my project at kickstarter.com.  I would ask you to watch my video, look at my rewards and then pledge if you are so inclined.  Thanks for your support of my blog and hopefully of my book project.

About Simply American LLC

I live in Seattle and love telling stories about Americans, the places where they work and the things that they make. I have just published a book, Simply American, encouraging Americans to purchase American made products; the book can be ordered at www.simply-american.com.
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1 Response to A shameless plea for your support

  1. If you are interested in seeing American clothing manufacturers in New York, you may want to check out Ernest Sewn, Rag & Bone, and Freemans Sporting Club. Just putting my two cents in.-Jack A.

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